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The quest for the perfect dashboard As a person who can hack stuff together with code, the idea of a personal dashboard has always been appealing to me. Think of it: one location that you visit and see whatever you think is the most important to see, be it news or updates from your friends.No

The future product of the fediverse In 2018, for the arguably first time in history, decentralized social networks gained a noticeable momentum. While Mastodon has gained by far the most of it (with over half a million users active in the past month), other networks were slowly being written line by line and are ready to

A journey through the fediverse The current state of the web is frustrating to anyone who bothers to pay attention. We've experimented with the idea of people all across the world being connected with each other and it backfired. Instead, this became a world in which people are connected to advertisers first, and each other

A single-user instance for I may or may not be interested in creating a few bots that you can follow, but the registration on this instance will remain permanently closed.