Facebook is the last thing I would think of when reading the word "libra".

I guess that's why they don't mention the word "Facebook" once on libra.org.


Huh, seems like I was somehow able to boost the same toot three times in a row? How the hell was I able to do that?

There's a person out there that made an Amazon-exclusive book available on a torrent site...

...and then added a file to that same torrent that's basically an ad for Audible with a referral link.

I don't like people who find doing something without profit in mind as a far-fetched idea.

Watching full episodes of LastWeekTonight instead of just the main story was the main reason I got an HBO subscription (instead of pirating it), and then this happened:

I love this chart. It shows me which services were people using and how many times they've attempted to compromise my privacy in the last month.

really helps me deal with this boring dystopia we're living in.

@ConnyDuck Do you accept any other non-Patreon mechanism for donations?

It doesn't seem like you can accept payments via LiberaPay at the moment.

No, Warner Bros is absolutely not buying bulk Google Play comments, not at all.

I wanted to compare the writing speed of multiple devices I own, so I did.

TIL @Deezer@twitter.com offers a plan for lossless streaming. Bye bye @Spotify@twitter.com, you won't be missed at all.

If you're in , just a wee bit to the south of De Wallen (AKA Red Light District) madness lies Vondelpark, a beautiful park to bike through or just sit next to the water and relax.

As for what do I do with the rest of the bandwidth, if you're using @torproject, there's an insignificant (0.4%) chance that you're going through my server as the middle relay: metrics.torproject.org/rs.html

Six status updates later, 50+ followers!
Quite a warm welcome over at r3bl.social/@r3bl
I'm glad about it, because the bird site quickly turned itself into algorithmic hell.


A single-user instance for @r3bl@r3bl.social. I may or may not be interested in creating a few bots that you can follow, but the registration on this instance will remain permanently closed.