Desire from new blood to work at #Facebook is dropping off a cliff.

Facebook routinely offers jobs to graduates from top schools like Stanford. But.

The acceptance rate of those jobs has plummeted from around 90 percent in 2016 to 50 percent this year so far.

It's working. #DeleteFacebook

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Hey, #Firefox-using friends—

If you lost access to your add-ons this past weekend and you tried some advice to set `xpinstall.signatures.required` to `false` in `about:config`, you should

1. install the latest update, and

2. flip that setting back to `true`.

It's important to have this setting on to help protect you against malicious extensions.

(Don't @ me about whether you personally need or want Mozilla to sign the extensions you use. Consider this toot may not be for you.)

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Can we train some girl for a few years to stab climate change in the heart when it appears as if all the hope is lost?

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GoT S08E03 criticism Show more

regular reminder that anything that is protected by #DRM deserves to be pirated

There's a person out there that made an Amazon-exclusive book available on a torrent site...

...and then added a file to that same torrent that's basically an ad for Audible with a referral link.

@cybeardjm The worst things is I really couldn't tell that it had trackers until after I've purchased and downloaded the theme.

I'm not saying I wouldn't purchase this same theme if I knew (I find it gorgeous, and removing trackers is a minor hassle), but if I were looking for a new one, I'd like a privacy-respecting store that @switchingsocial is looking for.

@cybeardjm @switchingsocial

I've purchased a new theme (for Ghost, not WordPress) a few days ago. Here's what I had to do:

1. Self-host fonts from Google Fonts.
2. Remove Disqus comments (commented out, but I still didn't want it).
3. Self-host font-awesome and some random JS libraries loaded from CDNs (I'd be okay with leaving it at one CDN, but it connected to 3-4 CDNs).

~15 requests are now handled by the same server, instead of requesting stuff from 3rd parties.

I don't like people who find doing something without profit in mind as a far-fetched idea.

After years of insisting that DRM in HTML wouldn't block open source implementations, Google says it won't support open source implementations

#DRM #EME #Google

@switchingsocial Brave's founder and CEO (formerly of Mozilla until ousted) donated $1,000 in support of Prop 8 in California, banning marriage equality. Not one penny should go to him.

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